•    Colt Lightning Rifle (44/40)   

    Very good condition.

    Excellent relined bore!

    26″ octagon barrel

    Good wood, checkered forearm.

    Blade front sight, original barrel sight

    S/N: 85xxx Mfg. 1901



    Colt Lightning Rifle (44/40)

    Colt Lightning Rifle (44/40) for sale, $3,500. 26″ Octagon barrel.

    Colt Lightning Rifle (44/40)

    Colt Lightning Rifle (44/40) Mfg. 1901. For sale for $3,500

  •    Sharps 1874 45/70 – $4,500   

    Sharps 1874 45/70

    28 inch heavy, new round barrel. Excellent bore!

    Beech front sight. Sharps style barrel sight. Very nice windage adjustable tang sight! Original stock in forearm tacked Indian Style.

    Single trigger.



    Sharps 1874 45/70

    Antique Sharps 1874 45/70 for sale. $4,500.

    Sharps 1874 45/70 For Sale

    Close up of antique Sharps 1874 for sale. Excellent bore!

  •    Sharps 1874 Business Rifle – $6,525   

    Sharps 1874 Business Rifle 45/70

    28 in. re-lined round barrel. Excellent bore.

    Bbl. marked “SHARPS RIFLE CO. BRIDGEPORT CONN.” On one line. “From W. F. SHEARD LIVINGSTON MONT” On one line.

    Blade-front sight. New Shiloh barrel sight. DST. Crack and chip in forearm. Three minor cracks in butt. Nice Montana gun.



    Sharps 1874 Business Rifle

    Sharps Montana gun for sale. $6,525.

    Sharps 1874 Business Rifle Close Up

    Antique Sharps 1874 Business Rifle with re-lined round barrel.

  •    Sharps 1874 45/90 – $5,800   

    Sharps 1874 45/90

    30 in. octagon barrel. Fair bore. Bbl. marked “SHARPS RIFLE CO. BRIDGEPORT CONN.” on two separate lines. “Old Reliable” in front of receiver.

    Blade-front sight. Original Sharps Bbl. sight. Shipped to Kittridge on September 30, 1876 as a 44 2 5/8ths, converted to 45/90. Single trigger. Patch box in stock.



    Factory letter included.

    Sharps 1874 45/90

    Sharps 1874 for sale. $5,800.

    Sharps 1874 45/90 Close up

    Patch box in stock, single trigger.

  •    Sharps 1874 2 7/8ths – $7,000   

    Sharps 1874

    Cal.: 45 2 7/8

    30 in. heavy OCT Bbl 1 1/2″ across flats. Re-lined ex. bore

    Bbl. marked “Old Reliable SHARPS RIFLE CO. BRIDGEPORT CONN.” All on one line

    New globe front sight, original Sharps Bbl. sight. New Sharps windage Adj. tang sight

    Patch box in stock. DST. Rear sling mount filed flat. Crack in forearm. Original Mil. stock. Two cartouches. Shipped to Kittridge October 24, 1877.



    With factory letter.


    Sharps 1874

    Sharps 1874 2 7/8ths.

    Sharps 1874 Close up

    DST 1874 Sharps with patch box built into stock



  •    Cimarron Copy – Colt 1871 – 1872 Open Top   

    95% Condition!

    Cal.: 44 Colt

    3/4 American Scroll engraved

    Backstrap marked: Capt. Drummond, Montana Ter. Gov.


    FFL Required

    Cimarron - Colt 1871-1872 Open Top

    3/4 American Scroll engraving on Cimarron Colt clone of an 1871-1872 Open Top. 95% Condition.

    Cimarron - Clone 1871-1872 Open Top

    Close up of engraved Cimarron Colt clone for sale.


  •    Colt SAA (Copy) – Cimarron ($1,450)   

    80% Condition!

    Cal.: 38/40

    7 1/2″ Bbl.

    Very accurate gun! Fully engraved with custom Ivorex grips.


    FFL Required

    Cimarron Copy of Colt SAA

    Copy of Colt SAA in 38/40. Very accurate shot.

    Cimarron - Colt SAA Copy

    Close up of American Scroll engraving and custom Ivorex grips. This gun is very accurate!


  •    Colt SAA ($2,250)   

    Cal.: 38 WCF (38/40)

    7 1/2″ bbl.

    S/N: 306XXX (S/N obscured on grip frame)

    Apx. 10% Condition, traces of bluing. Very tight and accurate!

    MFG Apx. 1908


    FFL Required

    Initials G.C.W. stamped on butt, barely visible.

    Colt SAA (38/40)

    Colt SAA for sale! $2,250 – Good shooter.

    Colt SAA (38/40) Close Up

    Close up of Colt SAA for sale. Traces of bluing.



  •    Remington – New Model Army ($5,000)   

    Cal.: 44

    MFG: 1863 – 1875

    S/N: 57XXX

    90% – 95% Condition

    This is the nicest Remington we’ve seen in many years! Comes with Colt bullet mold, period flask, period percussion caps, and 1950-1960 Walnut case.



    Remington New Model Army

    Stunning Remington New Model Army, antique with period accessories.

    Close Up - Remington New Model Army

    $5,000. Close up of Remington revolver. One of the nicest Remington’s we’ve seen!


  •    Le Fever FE grade – SALE!   

    Ordered direct from Le Fever in 1903. Refurbished in 1976 by great grandson of Dan Le Fever. Briley opened up chokes to MOD and IMP CYL. Timed ejectors and custom grip cap with “B” in gold. Original butt-stock comes with gun.

    Originally $3,000 now on sale for $2,500!

    Cal./Gauge: 12g, 2 3/4″

    Type: SXS

    L.O.P: 14 1/2″

    Bbl Ln.: 30″

    Refurbished Le Fever SXS shotgun with timed ejectors.

    Refurbished Le Fever SXS shotgun with timed ejectors.

    Refurbished Le Fever SXS shotgun with timed ejectors.

    Refurbished Le Fever SXS shotgun with timed ejectors.

    FFL Required