•    Fundraising Opportunities!   

    If you’re looking for a great item for your fundraisers or raffles, consider a custom one-off engraved gun!

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    Ruger & Blackhawk

    Custom engraved Ruger and Blackhawk

    Bauer .25 Auto

    Custom engraved Bauer .25 Auto

  •    Spring is Here!   

    Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to get your cowboy guns engraved before the shooting season. Have your gun stand out from the rest.

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  •    Uberti 1866   

    Uberti 1866


    Uberti 44/40 rifle in like new condition! Engraved in Nimschki style of the 1870’s. 24″ octagon barrel.

    $1,675 + S/H

    FFL Required


    Uberti Rifle - 1870 Style Engraving

    1870 style Nimschki engraving on 44/40 Octagon Barrel Uberti rifle.

    Uberti Rifle - Loading Port Side

    Engraved Uberti 44/40 with Octagon Barrel.

    Uberti Rifle - Top View

    Uberti Rifle engraved in Nimschki 1870 style. Top View

  •    N. American Arms .22 Long Rifle   

    Now for something little!

    N. American Arms .22 Long Rifle.

    .22 mini revolver with American Scroll Engraving

    Close up of American Scroll engraving on .22 mini revolver.

    N. American Arms .22 Long Rifle Mini Revolver

    .22 Mini revolver complete with American Scroll engraving.

  •    NEW! Guns to be Engraved to your Specs!   

    Updated: 12/4/2017

    • New: Can be engraved to your specs! Smith and Wesson Model 66-3 .357 with 4″ barrel. Beautiful Smith and Wesson grips.
    • New: Smith and Wesson Model 629-1, .44 magnum with 6″ barrel. Smith and Wesson finger-groove grips.

    Call me for more information regarding photos, information, and pricing.


    • I’ve just received a like-new Chapparal Winchester ’76 in 45/60 Winchester. Can be engraved to your specs.


    • I’ve also received an Uberti 66 Winchester in 44/40. Like-new condition, can be engraved to your specifications!


    • Uberti second model Dragoon, 44 caliber. Also in like-new condition. Can be engraved to your specifications.


    • Antique first model DA only Starr Civil War revolver, 44 caliber. Functions well, good antique condition.


    • EuroArms copy of a Harpers Ferry flint-lock rifle, 54 caliber. In very good condition! Can be engraved to your specifications.


    Call me for more information, photos, and pricing.

  •    Marlin 22 Rifle   


    Engraved rifle. Engraved Pistols. Engraved Guns. Engraving

    Engraved Marlin 22 rifle. American Scroll

  •    Sharps Borchardt   

    American Scroll engraved Sharps Borchardt

    American Scroll engraved Sharps Borchardt with the deer and black bear.


    Period engraving on Sharps Borchardt.

  •    73 Winchester   

    Engraved 73 Winchester

    Beautifully engraved 73 Winchester. American Scroll.

  •    Custom .257 Roberts   

    June 1, 2017

    AA claro walnut stock. Fully engraved! Custom gun coat, VZ 24 Mauser action with Leopold scope mounts. Rifle features custom bottom metal, engraved grip cap, Pachmar butt pad, Timney trigger, 21″ lightweight barrel, rosewood fore-end tip, and low-mount safety!

    $2,700 + shipping/handing

    FFL required

    Engraved grip cap on .257 Roberts rifle

    Fully engraved American scroll grip cap on .257 Roberts custom VZ 24 Mauser.

    American scroll engraved trigger guard, floorplate, bolt handle

    Fully engraved trigger guard, floorplate, and bolt handle on .257 Roberts rifle.

    Pronghorn antelope on VZ 24 Mauser floorplate

    Close up of Pronghorn Antelope on VZ 24 Mauser floorplate.

    .257 Roberts American Scroll VZ 24 Mauser

    Detail of American scroll engraved VZ 24 Mauser action.

    .257 Roberts custom Mauser

    Detail engraved rings and mounts – custom Mauser.

    Obendorf bolt knob - .257 Roberts

    Close up of bolt shroud and Obendorf bolt knob.

    Detail engraved bolt knob - .257 Roberts

    Detail engraved bolt knob of Custom .257 Roberts with walnut stock.

    Fully engraved VZ 24 Mauser action.

    Close up, right side, fully engraved VZ 24 Mauser action.

    Fully engraved VZ 24 Mauser action

    Close up of engraved VZ 24 Mauser action.

    Custom .257 Roberts rifle AA claro & Pachmar pad

    Close up of AA claro stock and Pachmar pad.

    Custom .257 Roberts AA claro stock

    Overall view of .257 Roberts rifle. AA claro stock.

  •    Hopkins & Allen Falling Block Schuetzen Rifle   

    Manufactured between 1888 – 1892, See Flayderman’s Guide. Caliber 22 Long Rifle, 26″ Octagonal Barrel. This rifle has a checkered “fish-belly” stock with a Swiss buttplate and is single-triggered.

    This Hopkins & Allen Schuetzen Rifle is fully engraved in the style of L.D. Nimschke by Michael Gouse. It may be the handsomest H & A in existence. The rifle features a relined barrel by the famous Montana gunsmith, Dennis Olsen, and a new rear sight. The barrel has been buffed and hot blued, all the markings are clear. The receiver has been recolour cased.

    Engraved Hopkins & Allen Falling Block Schuetzen Rifle

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