•    Marlin 1895 45-70   

    This is a beautiful Marlin deer rifle! It features American Scroll engraving with a running buck, doe, and farm scene on one side and a Whitetail buck portrait on the off-side.

    The Marlin is a thoroughly modern lever-action rifle in stainless steel that is ideal for hunting in thick cover.

    A Marlin 1895 45/70 rifle featuring American Scrollwork, a farm scene, a Whitetail buck, and doe.
    A Marlin 1895 45/70 rifle featuring American Scrollwork, a farm scene, a Whitetail buck, and doe.
    A Marlin 1895 45/70 featuring American Scrollwork and a portrait of a Whitetail deer buck.
    A Marlin 1895 45/70 featuring American Scrollwork and a portrait of a Whitetail deer buck.
  •    Custom Mauser 257 Roberts   

    This Mauser has been engraved in semi-relief carved oak leaves, based on a pattern used by the late, great Pennsylvania gunsmith, Paul Yaeger.

    The semi-relief carved oak leaves are generally less expensive to engrave as only the background is removed; the leaves themselves aren’t carved.

    This is a lovely quarter bore rifle in the classic Ned Roberts’ caliber of .257 Roberts’.

    The rifle is in the process of being finished by Canyon Creek Custom Gunstocks based out of Conner, MT.

    Semi-relief carved oak leaves on a Mauser .257 Roberts
    Semi-relief carved oak leaves on a Mauser .257 Roberts
  •    Remington Rolling Block Action   

    This action shows how you can really dress up a single shot action without breaking the bank! The action of this particular gun is engraved in American Scroll which would have been used at the time that this Rolling Block was manufactured.

    American Scroll engraving on a Remington Rolling Block action.
    American Scroll engraving details on a Remington Rolling Block action.
  •    DZ Arms Hepburn Action   

    These photos show a modern interpretation of the Hepburn rifle. These are very popular as both target and hunting rifles. However, today, most of them are used for target work.

    The engraving shows an amount of coverage that would have been typical of either a hunting or target rifle of the 1890s. This style of engraving is known as American Scroll.

    I can do any kind of engraving or scrollwork that you would require!

    This particular engraving would run about $500.

    It should be noted that this gun was in the white (not blued or case-hardened), this can add to the overall cost.

    We do a lot of engraving for both cowboy action shooters and SASS shooters, as well as long range and scheutzen shooters. This allows your guns to not only stand out on the firing line, but also in the rack, and on the loading tables! It makes it easy to identify your firearm from all of the others.

    Engraving adds a great personal touch to the firearm and connects you to a time since-past, when the well-heeled shooter had their guns customized.

  •    Stevens Favorite   

    This little action was in rough shape when I received it. It’s had the surfaces trued up and pitting has been removed. The engraving adds a nice finishing touch to a classic boys rifle from the turn-of-the-last century. The engraving adds a bit of class to what, otherwise, would be a very plain rifle.

  •    Henry by Henry   

    This is a recreation of a Henry repeating rifle. It’s engraved in a style reminiscent of an original that was engraved in the 1860-1870 period. If you’re a cowboy shooter, it’s often handy to have your gun engraved so they stand out in the racks from all of the other rifles. I’ve seen, in the past, people picking up nearly identical rifles, get to the firing line, and realize they’ve picked up the wrong rifle! This isn’t likely to happen with a custom engraved rifle.

  •    318 Westley Richards   

    This custom Mauser English big game rifle was engraved by me. The rifle was built by American Hunting Rifles.

    This American Hunting Rifle is beautifully engraved in an understated English style that Dennis Fitch Hatton or Bror Blixen would have been proud to own.

  •    DMW Mauser   

    Lightly engraved Mauser action and trigger guard floorplate assembly. This is in a semi-English style of engraving. This is a classic style that looks very good on bolt action rifles without full-coverage.

  •    Remington Rolling Block Action   

    This rolling block action is engraved in approximately 50% American Scroll style. This looks very good on a period gun.

  •    Custom American Hunting Rifle 7×57   

    This is a beautiful, full-custom Mauser hunting rifle made by American Hunting Rifle. They’re known for fine hunting rifles and dangerous game guns. I did the full relief carving on this custom rifle. If you’re interested in American Hunting Rifles you can contact them at 1(406)363-8033.