•    Custom Remington Rollingblock   

    This is a Rollingblock engraved in a semi-English style. It makes for a very elegant gun without a lot of coverage! This is going to be a custom hunting rifle to be used worldwide!

    engraved in a semi-English style this custom Remington will be used as a hunting rifle.
  •    PPK-S With Tank   

    This is a relief-carved stainless PPK/S Walther that I engraved for a customer who was a tanker in Germany in the 60s. Along with the relief-carved oak leaves I was able to engrave a close up of the M60 A3 tank that he commanded in Germany! The engraved tank is less than half an inch tall!

  •    Custom 98 Mauser   

    This is a beautiful yet simple rifle engraved in a semi-English style. It evokes English rifles used in Africa in the 1900s.

    Rifles of this particular caliber would have been used for plains game hunting, lions, and leopards.

    The checkering is by Mary Ann Hockenbury, a local of the Bitterroot Valley.

  •    1881 Marlin   

    I engraved this 1881 Marlin rifle to recreate a factory pattern that was common to the rifle. The original was done by Conrad F Ulrich, he was the Marlin factory engraver from 1881 to 1907. C. F. Ulrich was part of the Ulrich Firearms engraving dynasty which stretched for nearly a century from the 1850s until 1949.

    The animals on this particular pattern all appear to have been done in a “folk-art” style and includes deer, bear, & bison.

    Over the years we have recreated many historic patterns on a wide variety of firearms.

    Engraving on an 1881 Marlin featuring a bear and a recreated Marlin Factory engraving pattern.
    Engraving on an 1881 Marlin featuring a leaping deer and a recreated Marlin Factory engraving pattern.
  •    Open Top Navy Colt   

    This is a very elegant American Scroll engraved Colt in approximately 3/4 coverage. It features an in-the-white metal with inked cuts. This is an unusual revolver, one that wasn’t produced for long so reproductions are the only ones that make for decent engraving candidates.

    his revolver also features an engraved eagle on the hammer.
  •    Bright or Inked Cuts   

    Here are two examples of the same engraved piece.

    I’m often asked the question as to the difference between bright and inked cuts! These pictures will show the difference. It’s a matter of personal taste as to whether one darkens, or inks, a cut or leaves it bright.

    The advantage of inking a cut, as a general rule, will make the engraving pop from the background. Most people tend to prefer inked cuts as it creates the illusion of depth.

    Example of inked cuts on the 1872 Open Top Frame.
    Example of inked cuts on the 1872 Open Top Frame.
    Example of bright cuts on the 1872 Open Top Frame
    Example of bright cuts on the 1872 Open Top Frame
  •    PPK-S Eagle Scout Pistol   

    This Walther PPK/S is fully engraved in American Scroll and features an Eagle Scout theme throughout. It features 5 American Bald Eagles and the Boy Scouts of America badge. This makes for a very handsome carry and/or display piece to commemorate gaining the rank of Eagle Scout!

    This pistol would look equally nice in a holster or a glass-front display case.

  •    Completed Hi-Power   

    Here’s the completed work on the Hi-Power I posted previously. It’s ready to ship back to the customer for final assembly.

    I can handle this task on your behalf or, if the customer wants, they can disassemble/assemble their own pistol to save money, too.

    This particular pistol is engraved in full relief carved oak leave and acorn pattern

    Work in progress pictures:

  •    1903 Colt   

    This was a fairly rough Colt automatic with lots of minor pitting. The owner wanted it dressed up with period scroll. We covered as much pitting as his budget would allow. This turned a gray-pitted pistol into a nice looking period pocket pistol. The work done now makes this automatic look as a nicely maintained pistol from the 1920s.

  •    WIP – FN GP 35 (Hi Power) Update   

    This is an update to the post I shared last week.

    This shows the pistol now fully engraved with relief-carved oak leaves and acorns just waiting for blueing. This is a spectacular handgun.

    The relief carving allows for many light reflecting facets making for an exceptionally beautiful handgun!

    This shows the top of the slide prior to being fully finished out. It shows both the relief carving and the outlines prior to relief.