•    Colt 1911 (Submarine Themed)   

    This is a full coverage American Scroll engraved pistol featuring Naval insignia, submarines, and badges. This is a handsome way to commemorate your service with the US Armed Forces!

  •    Fully Engraved Blue Ruger Vaquero   

    This Ruger Vaquero revolver features full American Scroll engraving that wraps fully around the barrel. This makes for a deluxe revolver that is ideal for a barbecue or presentation gun. This is a flashy example of engraving on a blued gun, if this was oi a stainless gun, with the cuts inked, the engraving would even jump out more!

    Blued guns, if carried and used often, will take on the mellow tones of a well-used single action revolver from the days of the American West.

  •    Grip Cap with Elephant   

    This engraved grip cap is an inexpensive way to add some flair to your rifle. In this case the client requested a front-facing engraving of an elephant. Generally speaking, grip cap engraving will run between $100 – $200!

    Grip cap engraving of an elephant.
  •    S&W 686   

    This Smith & Wesson 686 is engraved in 50%+ American Scroll coverage. The Smith & Wesson logo has been hand cut over the laser engraved logo to make it fit in better with the rest of the engraving.

    It features engraving on the sides, barrel, top-strap, trigger guard, and backstrap!

    This type of coverage makes for a very handsome carry or hunting revolver without going over the top in costs.

  •    USFA Rodeo   

    This Rodeo revolver is a copy of the Colt Single Action Army. It features American Scroll engraving at 50%+ coverage. This really dresses up a work-a-day gun that featured a matte blue finish.

    The engraving and cuts add a “brightness” to the gun. What otherwise would have been a very plain SAA gets the chance to truly stand out now!

  •    Finished S&W 640   

    Here are two shots of a Smith & Wesson 640 engraved in American Scroll. This is the finished work of the previous post.

    This picture of the S&W 640 shows the details of the American Scroll engraving without any grips. I engrave them like this so you can add the earliest grip to more modern grips so there aren’t any gaps in the engraving!
    Here’s the fully engraved pistol with the grips on, as you can see, no gaps in the engraving!
  •    Colt Courier   

    This is a vintage Colt engraved in the style of Wilbur Glahn, a prolific Colt engraver of the early 20th Century. This is a later model Colt. This is close to full coverage in Glahn’s American Scroll style.

  •    S&W 640 WIP   

    This photo shows a Smith & Wesson 640 with the initial cuts in American Scroll style engraving. The cuts are done in such a way that the engraving will work no matter what set of grips are put onto the handgun!

    When it’s finished, this will make for a very classic carry gun.

    Come back next week to see the finished product!

  •    NAA Ranger   

    This gun features full American Scroll coverage and makes for a very elegant small carry gun. Similar coverage would run about $350 for this size gun!

    Contact me today for more information!

  •    Custom Engraved Seecamp Slide   

    This is a way to really dress up any pistol without a ton of money out of pocket. Another advantage to slide engraving allows for shipping via USPS or FedEx ground as it’s a part and not considered a pistol by ATF. Thus. shipping restrictions don’t apply.