•    1851 Colt Navy   

    This engraving is loosely based on the engraving done on a pair of 1851 Navy’s carried by Wild Bill Hickock. This handsome revolver that would look good in a presentation case.

  •    S & W 629   

    When I engrave 50% coverage revolvers, I always engrave under the grip area so, if at a later date, you wish to put on a different grip, you don’t have an unsightly gap in the engraving.

    The first picture shows a 629 with 50% coverage without the factory grips.
    This photo shows the same revolver with the factory grips installed.
  •    New Model Colt Python   

    This is an example of the new model Colt Python engraved with 50% American Scroll coverage. This dresses up a nice carry pistol without breaking the bank. Something like this would be about $675 + S/H.

  •    Scottish Thistle   

    Scottish themed relief carved thistles on various Anschuts parts.

  •    Colt Anaconda   

    Colt Anaconda featuring 50% American Scroll engraving coverage. This really dresses up the revolver without breaking the bank. Something like this would run about $675 + S/H.

  •    Cattle Brand Ruger   

    This is a full-coverage Ruger new model Blackhawk engraved in the style of the late Cole Agee. It features seventy-five cattle brands from Lemhi county, Idaho. This is a truly unique single action revolver.

  •    Seecamp Slide   

    This is a relatively inexpensive way to dress up your everyday carry gun. Even if it is a polymer frame pistol. In this case, it was a Seecamp and we only engraved the slide, as seen below.

  •    H&K P7   

    This is a fully relief-carved oak-leaf and acorn H&K P7 pistol. These guns are very hard to engrave due to their rockwell hardness and many thin parts.

  •    Seecamp   

    Relief carved Seecamp semi-auto pistol. A very stylish carry gun.

  •    Before & After – Colt Python   

    Badly pitted Colt Python engraved in American Scroll with full matted backgrounding. This was a way to resurrect a very badly damaged handgun.