•    Smith & Wesson Model 57   

    This Smith & Wesson 57-6 is 3/4 covered with American Scroll engraving. This particular handgun also features a full Grizzly Bear on the frame. The 41 magnum Smith & Wesson’s were championed, and had design input from the famous author and Border Patrolman, Bill Jordan.

    Bill Jordan’s book, No Second Place Winner, is still considered a must-read by aficionados of fast six-gun shooters. He believed that the Model 57 was the best large-frame revolver for policework. He brought additional fame to the Model 19 as a police firearm.

    The engraving on this Model 57 represents a classic style for both Smith & Wesson and Colt double action revolvers.

    A close-up image of a Smith & Wesson Model 57 featuring American Scroll engraving and a Grizzly Bear.
    You’ll notice that the engraving also covers the grip frame. This way, no matter what grip you choose, there will be no gap in the engraving. I do this on all of the revolvers that I engrave unless specifically requested not to do so!
    A Smith & Wesson Model 57 with American Scroll engraving  covering 3/4 of the firearm.
    Details on the barrel of a Smith & Wesson Model 57 featuring intricate American Scrollwork.
  •    JRH Custom Ruger 10mm   

    This custom Ruger is very unique! Built by Jack Huntington of JRH Advanced Gunsmithing, this is a smaller Ruger single action frame. It’s been made into a custom 5-shot, 10mm revolver! This made for a slick little carry pistol in places where bear encounters could be expected.

    The gun features 50%+ American Scroll-style engraving.

    As always, American Scroll looks great on single action revolvers. Whether you’ve got a modern handgun or even an antique, American Scroll can really add class to an already great revolver.

    If you’re looking for a way to class up your handgun, this is a great way to do it without breaking the bank!

    Custom JRH 10mm revolver in 50%+ American Scroll-style engraving coverage.
    Custom JRH 10mm revolver in 50%+ American Scroll-style engraving coverage.
    Detail work on a JRH custom 10mm Ruger featuring close up American Scroll engraving details.
    Detail work on a JRH custom 10mm Ruger featuring close up American Scroll engraving details.
  •    Les Baer 1911   

    Full coverage American Scroll engraving on a Les Baer 1911, 10mm pistol. These are among the top handguns in the 1911 field! American Scroll-style engraving is a classic choice for a classic rendition of John Browning’s masterpiece!

    I could engrave any pattern or design that you’d like. Examples include English Scroll, relief-carved oak leaves, or designs similar to the Browning Renaissance styles.

    I often find that the boldness of American Scroll looks best on the big old slab-side 1911 autos.

    American Scroll engraving details on a Les Baer 1911 pistol.
    Slide detail on a Les Baer 1911 handgun.

    For other examples of my engraving on 1911s, take a look at this Ruger 1911 Slide and this Springfield Armory 1911.

  •    Walther PPK-S Slide   

    This slide is engraved in American Scroll with a stippled background to bring out the intricacy of the cuts. The cuts were then inked to really make them pop. Inking is a great idea for stainless guns to bring out the detail work.

    This customer only wanted the slide engraved so it was a relatively inexpensive way to add some custom charm to this everyday carry gun.

    Take a look at some of my other Walther PPK-S work here and here to get some ideas for your own carry pistol.

    Slide of a Walther PPK-S in American Scroll engraving with a stippled background. It displays the Walther logo and Walther Arms, Inc. For Smith, AR USA.
  •    S&W 686 – Update   

    This is an update to my previous Smith & Wesson 686 post.

    These photos further show the Smith & Wesson 686 fully assembled, inked, and complete!

    This is an extremely elegant American Scroll finished revolver with the addition of relief-carving. There are few Smith & Wesson 686’s that are fancier or more extensively engraved than this revolver!

  •    Finished Chief Special S&W   

    These photos show this Model 36 Smith & Wesson, that was previously posted as a work in progress, as a finished and inked revolver! This is a very early pre-Model 36 and it’s a very first of the J-frame Chief Specials. The gun features absolute full-coverage American Scroll-style engraving with full-coverage domed-punch background.

  •    From Start to Finish – 686 S&W   

    This photo shows the initial large scrollwork and the starting sketches of the smaller, internal scrollwork.

    Major scroll work and the internal scrollwork are cut!

    This picture shows the background being relief-carved, or, cut away, and stippled.

    The finished product! All of the cuts, detail, and shading cuts, with the inked background, are complete.

  •    S&W Model 649   

    This is a stainless steel model of the classic Model 46 Smith & Wesson. This makes for a very practical and classy carry pistol. Being a semi-hammerless, it doesn’t hang up in your pocket. The other nickname for this model is the Humpback. This allows for quite a large area for engraving on such a small J-frame revolver!

  •    Browning Hi-Power   

    This Browning Hi-Power is fully engraved in American Scroll style engraving. These pistols were the very first Wonder-9’s, dating back to 1935. The design is still in production to this day and makes for a very classy everyday-carry gun. This particular gun will eventually get fancy grips and should be quite the barbecue gun. Carrying a fully engraved classic handgun, like this, makes a statement of absolute quality!

  •    WIP S&W M36   

    This is a photo of a very early work in progress model 36 Smith & Wesson that is being fully engraved and rehabilitated. When finished, it will be nickel-plated with inked cuts. Stay tuned for photos of the completed gun!