•    S&W 66 2 6 Inch   

    This is a fully engraved Smith & Wesson revolver in American Scroll style featuring a running antelope and antelope tracks. The other side features a grizzly bear head and a grizzly track.

    The first two photos show the engraving with the grips off and the other two with the grips on. I always engrave under the grips so no matter what grips are placed, there won’t be any large gaps in the engraving.

  •    S & W 41 Magnum   

    Light coverage in American Scroll on a Smith & Wesson large-frame revolver. This features a close-up of a running deer on the left-side of the frame and an elk on the right-side.

  •    Colt SAA With Gold Plating   

    This is a very nice Colt with gold plated screws, backstrap, trigger guard, hammer, and trigger. The barrel bands and cylinder band are also gold plated. The balance of the gun is engraved in a Colt D+ coverage. This makes for a very elegant revolver.

  •    1851 Colt Navy   

    This engraving is loosely based on the engraving done on a pair of 1851 Navy’s carried by Wild Bill Hickock. This handsome revolver that would look good in a presentation case.

  •    S & W 629   

    When I engrave 50% coverage revolvers, I always engrave under the grip area so, if at a later date, you wish to put on a different grip, you don’t have an unsightly gap in the engraving.

    The first picture shows a 629 with 50% coverage without the factory grips.
    This photo shows the same revolver with the factory grips installed.
  •    New Model Colt Python   

    This is an example of the new model Colt Python engraved with 50% American Scroll coverage. This dresses up a nice carry pistol without breaking the bank. Something like this would be about $675 + S/H.

  •    Scottish Thistle   

    Scottish themed relief carved thistles on various Anschuts parts.

  •    Colt Anaconda   

    Colt Anaconda featuring 50% American Scroll engraving coverage. This really dresses up the revolver without breaking the bank. Something like this would run about $675 + S/H.

  •    Cattle Brand Ruger   

    This is a full-coverage Ruger new model Blackhawk engraved in the style of the late Cole Agee. It features seventy-five cattle brands from Lemhi county, Idaho. This is a truly unique single action revolver.

  •    Seecamp Slide   

    This is a relatively inexpensive way to dress up your everyday carry gun. Even if it is a polymer frame pistol. In this case, it was a Seecamp and we only engraved the slide, as seen below.