•    Custom Engraved Seecamp Slide   

    This is a way to really dress up any pistol without a ton of money out of pocket. Another advantage to slide engraving allows for shipping via USPS or FedEx ground as it’s a part and not considered a pistol by ATF. Thus. shipping restrictions don’t apply.

  •    S&W Triple Lock   

    This is a nice, mechanically sound triple lock Smith & Wesson! It had been buffed to the point that the Smith & Wesson logo was nearly erased. I recut the logo and engraved the revolver in a period Smith & Wesson pattern.

    This will make for a very nice display piece or a fancy shooter at target matches!

  •    PPKS Arabesque Engraved   

    Here’s a unique Arabesque engraved PPK/S. This particular pistol features seven wolves engraved on it. Five of the wolves were based on photographs supplied by the customer! This is a truly unique, one-of-a-kind carry gun!

    I can do custom-designed art for your engraving projects as well! I have many custom art examples. I’ve done tankers, submarine service, lawmen & outlaws, and firearms commemorating military and first responders.

  •    Colt Patterson Replica   

    This revolver features silver-plated bands and period style engraving. This would make for a very nice handgun for either display or use at rendezvous.

  •    Cattle Brand Colt SAA   

    This is a Colt revolver that features 69 prominent cattle brands from throughout the state of Montana. This has the look of a period-engraved Colt. The brands add a real western flair to the revolver. This pistol harkens back to the cattle brand engraved Colts of Cole Agee.

    This handgun would be a real standout at a cowboy shoot or at a gun show. There aren’t a lot of cattle brand guns out there so, they really stand out in any display of engraved handguns.

    I can do a similar gun for you featuring your own brands or brands from your area!

    This gun includes a blued trigger, screws, and cylinder pin and a case-hardened hammer. Many of the Colt nickel-plated guns were finished in this manner.

  •    Montana Brand Colt (In Progress)   

    This is a first generation Colt that features prominent Montana ranch brands. It will be nickel-plated with high polish blue screws and small parts.

    This will be a very unique pistol. Colt’s featuring brands were very popular in the 1920s so this SAA harkens back to those times and will be a true standout revolver at any cowboy shoot or gun show, for sure!

  •    Customer Photo – PPKS   

    Here’s a photo from my customer of his PPK/S. It will be an heirloom piece for his family! I’m often asked whether people should put their names or identifying features on their guns; if it’s to be an heirloom, by all means, add the information!

    If your plan is to sell the gun at a later date, I feel that you’re often better off to leave personal names, initials, etc. off of the gun.

  •    PPK-S With Tank   

    This is a relief-carved stainless PPK/S Walther that I engraved for a customer who was a tanker in Germany in the 60s. Along with the relief-carved oak leaves I was able to engrave a close up of the M60 A3 tank that he commanded in Germany! The engraved tank is less than half an inch tall!

  •    Open Top Navy Colt   

    This is a very elegant American Scroll engraved Colt in approximately 3/4 coverage. It features an in-the-white metal with inked cuts. This is an unusual revolver, one that wasn’t produced for long so reproductions are the only ones that make for decent engraving candidates.

    his revolver also features an engraved eagle on the hammer.
  •    Bright or Inked Cuts   

    Here are two examples of the same engraved piece.

    I’m often asked the question as to the difference between bright and inked cuts! These pictures will show the difference. It’s a matter of personal taste as to whether one darkens, or inks, a cut or leaves it bright.

    The advantage of inking a cut, as a general rule, will make the engraving pop from the background. Most people tend to prefer inked cuts as it creates the illusion of depth.

    Example of inked cuts on the 1872 Open Top Frame.
    Example of inked cuts on the 1872 Open Top Frame.
    Example of bright cuts on the 1872 Open Top Frame
    Example of bright cuts on the 1872 Open Top Frame