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  •    Custom .257 Roberts   

    June 1, 2017

    AA claro walnut stock. Fully engraved! Custom gun coat, VZ 24 Mauser action with Leopold scope mounts. Rifle features custom bottom metal, engraved grip cap, Pachmar butt pad, Timney trigger, 21″ lightweight barrel, rosewood fore-end tip, and low-mount safety!

    $2,700 + shipping/handing

    FFL required

    Engraved grip cap on .257 Roberts rifle

    Fully engraved American scroll grip cap on .257 Roberts custom VZ 24 Mauser.

    American scroll engraved trigger guard, floorplate, bolt handle

    Fully engraved trigger guard, floorplate, and bolt handle on .257 Roberts rifle.

    Pronghorn antelope on VZ 24 Mauser floorplate

    Close up of Pronghorn Antelope on VZ 24 Mauser floorplate.

    .257 Roberts American Scroll VZ 24 Mauser

    Detail of American scroll engraved VZ 24 Mauser action.

    .257 Roberts custom Mauser

    Detail engraved rings and mounts – custom Mauser.

    Obendorf bolt knob - .257 Roberts

    Close up of bolt shroud and Obendorf bolt knob.

    Detail engraved bolt knob - .257 Roberts

    Detail engraved bolt knob of Custom .257 Roberts with walnut stock.

    Fully engraved VZ 24 Mauser action.

    Close up, right side, fully engraved VZ 24 Mauser action.

    Fully engraved VZ 24 Mauser action

    Close up of engraved VZ 24 Mauser action.

    Custom .257 Roberts rifle AA claro & Pachmar pad

    Close up of AA claro stock and Pachmar pad.

    Custom .257 Roberts AA claro stock

    Overall view of .257 Roberts rifle. AA claro stock.

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