•    Pair of Ruger Revolvers   

    This is a pair of Ruger Revolvers engraved in American Scroll style. The coverage is between 50 – 75%. One is a high polish Vaquero and the other is a brush-finished new model Blackhawk. These two guns are engraved to be close to a matched pair.

  •    Walther TPH   

    This is a relief carved TPH featuring oak leaf and scrollwork in a typical Germanic engraving style. These small Walthers have not been available in several years which is a shame as they’re wonderful carry pistols.

  •    Colt SAA Current Custom Shop   

    Close up photo of the frame of a Colt Single Action Army engraved in typical American Scroll style engraving. This is the type of engraving that would have been found on Colts from the 1850s – present.

  •    S&W 66 2 6 Inch   

    This is a fully engraved Smith & Wesson revolver in American Scroll style featuring a running antelope and antelope tracks. The other side features a grizzly bear head and a grizzly track.

    The first two photos show the engraving with the grips off and the other two with the grips on. I always engrave under the grips so no matter what grips are placed, there won’t be any large gaps in the engraving.

  •    S & W 41 Magnum   

    Light coverage in American Scroll on a Smith & Wesson large-frame revolver. This features a close-up of a running deer on the left-side of the frame and an elk on the right-side.

  •    318 Westley Richards   

    This custom Mauser English big game rifle was engraved by me. The rifle was built by American Hunting Rifles.

    This American Hunting Rifle is beautifully engraved in an understated English style that Dennis Fitch Hatton or Bror Blixen would have been proud to own.

  •    Colt SAA With Gold Plating   

    This is a very nice Colt with gold plated screws, backstrap, trigger guard, hammer, and trigger. The barrel bands and cylinder band are also gold plated. The balance of the gun is engraved in a Colt D+ coverage. This makes for a very elegant revolver.

  •    DMW Mauser   

    Lightly engraved Mauser action and trigger guard floorplate assembly. This is in a semi-English style of engraving. This is a classic style that looks very good on bolt action rifles without full-coverage.

  •    Remington Rolling Block Action   

    This rolling block action is engraved in approximately 50% American Scroll style. This looks very good on a period gun.

  •    1851 Colt Navy   

    This engraving is loosely based on the engraving done on a pair of 1851 Navy’s carried by Wild Bill Hickock. This handsome revolver that would look good in a presentation case.