•    Floorplate   

    A relatively easy, inexpensive way to dress up your hunting rifle with a custom engraved floorplate and trigger guard!

  •    Vampire Colt Python   

    An exceptional engraved Colt Python featuring demons, vampires, and dragons in the engraving for a customer.

  •    Henry Rifle   

    Engraved period American Scroll. A very nice .22 copy of a Henry rifle.

  •    Taylor & Company SAA   

    50% coverage in American Scroll engraving.

  •    SAA Clone   

    Approximately 50% American Scroll engraving in the style typical of the American West.

  •    Walthers PP – Ready for Plating   

    Here are two views of an early post-war Walthers PP with relief carved oak leaf engraving ready for plating!

  •    Progression: Model 70 Floorplate   

    Engraving progress, from start to finish, on a Model 70 floorplate. Engraved in English Scroll style.

  •    Smith & Wesson Model 66   

    50%+ engraved Smith & Wesson revolver in American Scroll. This is a classic look for a classic six-gun that was one of Bill Jordan’s favorites!

  •    Engraved Seecamp and NAA Revolver   

    This is a nice pair to draw to. It is a set of American Scroll engraved pocket pistols, just barely over 3 inches long. These are modern American classic engraved mini pistols.

  •    1903 Floor Plate   

    Engraved in the style of the 1930s. Semi-relief oak leaf pattern.