•    Smith & Wesson Model 57   

    This Smith & Wesson 57-6 is 3/4 covered with American Scroll engraving. This particular handgun also features a full Grizzly Bear on the frame. The 41 magnum Smith & Wesson’s were championed, and had design input from the famous author and Border Patrolman, Bill Jordan.

    Bill Jordan’s book, No Second Place Winner, is still considered a must-read by aficionados of fast six-gun shooters. He believed that the Model 57 was the best large-frame revolver for policework. He brought additional fame to the Model 19 as a police firearm.

    The engraving on this Model 57 represents a classic style for both Smith & Wesson and Colt double action revolvers.

    A close-up image of a Smith & Wesson Model 57 featuring American Scroll engraving and a Grizzly Bear.
    You’ll notice that the engraving also covers the grip frame. This way, no matter what grip you choose, there will be no gap in the engraving. I do this on all of the revolvers that I engrave unless specifically requested not to do so!
    A Smith & Wesson Model 57 with American Scroll engraving  covering 3/4 of the firearm.
    Details on the barrel of a Smith & Wesson Model 57 featuring intricate American Scrollwork.