•    Ruger Vaquero   

    Full coverage American Scroll engraved Ruger Vaquero. This is a really nice engraved gun!

    Ruger Vaquero - Full Coverage

    Full coverage American Scroll engraved Ruger Vaquero

    Full Coverage Ruger Vaquero

    Nicely engraved, full coverage Ruger Vaquero

  •    Colt 1911   

    Beautiful full coverage scroll engraved Colt 1911 pistol.


    Full coverage scroll engraved Colt 1911

  •    Ruger Vaquero   

    Beautiful cowboy gun. Approximately 50% American Scroll engraved coverage in 44 Spl. This is a gun that would have warmed Skeeter Skelton’s heart!

    Ruger Vaquero

    Engraved Ruger Vaquero, beautiful cowboy gun.

  •    Sig 229   

    Beautifully engraved gun. Perhaps one of the fanciest Sigs out there!


    Fully engraved gun. Sig 229.

  •    Smith & Wesson   

    Smith & Wesson DA Revolver. Approximately 50% American Scroll coverage.

    Smith and Wesson

    Smith & Wesson – 50% American Scroll coverage

  •    Colt SAA   

    Colt Single Action Army engraved between 3/4 & D-Coverage.

    American Scroll.


    Colt Single Action Army

    Colt Single Action army engraved between 3/4 & D-Coverage

    Colt Single Action Army 2

    Colt SAA engraved in American Scroll style between 3/4 & D-Coverage

  •    Fundraising Opportunities!   

    If you’re looking for a great item for your fundraisers or raffles, consider a custom one-off engraved gun!

    Call me today for more information.

    Ruger & Blackhawk

    Custom engraved Ruger and Blackhawk

    Bauer .25 Auto

    Custom engraved Bauer .25 Auto

  •    Freedom Arms Magnum   


    Freedom Arms Magnum

    Engraved Freedom Arms 22/22 magnum. American Scroll style

  •    Gun Engraving – Kimber Revolver   

    Gun Engraving - Kimber Revolver

    American Scroll engraved Kimber Revolver.


    Call me for rates and information on gun engraving services available.

  •    Dan Wesson 1911 – Gun Engraving   

    Dan Wesson BBQ Gun

    Gun engraving – Stunning Dan Wesson 1911

    Beautifully engraved Dan Wesson 1911 in the American Scroll style.

    Take your gun to a new level of showmanship. Call me for gun engraving rates and additional details today.