•    Ruger New Model Vaquero   

    This is a 50%+ American Scroll engraved Ruger Vaquero. This would be typical of engraving found on revolvers of the American West.

  •    Custom Oglesby Ruger   

    Beautifully engraved, ornate Ruger customized for a client. This revolver features full coverage engraving in American Scroll.

  •    Ruger Flatop Bisley   

    50%+ engraved in American Scroll style. This is a very nice revolver!

  •    George Patton’s SAA   

    This is a recreation of George Patton’s Single Action Army that he carried throughout his career.

  •    Smith & Wesson Model 60   

    Engraved Smith & Wesson Model 60 engraved in ~75% American Scroll.

    Something like this would run $600.00 – $675.00

    Call me today for more information!

  •    Colt 1903   

    Beautiful little 1903 engraved in American Scroll style. Ready to be sent to the plater for bright nickel!

  •    Colt Python   

    A Colt Python ready to be sent to the plater’s after full engraving.

    Close up of engraving on Colt Python
  •    Kimber SS 1911   

    Beautiful full coverage American Scroll engraved Kimber 1911. This is an exceptional handgun.

  •    Remington 771 Floorplate   

    Dress up your hunting rifle with an engraved floorplate and trigger guard!

    Starting at $150.00, call me for more details.

  •    Ruger New Model Black Hawk   

    Engraved, approximately 50% American Scroll, for a fundraising raffle. We can do this for your organization as well!