•    Seecamp   

    Fully engraved Seecamp pistol. American Scroll.


    Top view of fully engraved American Scroll Seecamp.


    Rear view of slide and grip of American Scroll engraved Seecamp.


    Full American Scroll engraving on Seecamp pistol.

  •    Ruger Vaquero   

    Full coverage American Scroll engraved Ruger Vaquero. This is a really nice engraved gun!

    Ruger Vaquero - Full Coverage

    Full coverage American Scroll engraved Ruger Vaquero

    Full Coverage Ruger Vaquero

    Nicely engraved, full coverage Ruger Vaquero

  •    Colt 1911   

    Beautiful full coverage scroll engraved Colt 1911 pistol.


    Full coverage scroll engraved Colt 1911

  •    Ruger Vaquero   

    Beautiful cowboy gun. Approximately 50% American Scroll engraved coverage in 44 Spl. This is a gun that would have warmed Skeeter Skelton’s heart!

    Ruger Vaquero

    Engraved Ruger Vaquero, beautiful cowboy gun.

  •    Sig 229   

    Beautifully engraved gun. Perhaps one of the fanciest Sigs out there!


    Fully engraved gun. Sig 229.

  •    Engraved Borchardt   

    Borchardt engraved in traditional pattern.


    Engraved Borchardt

  •    Engraved Floor Plates   

    Pair of engraved floor plates featuring elk and deer in American Scroll style.


    Pair of engraved floor plates

  •    Floor Plate – American Scroll   

    An inexpensive way to fancy up your rifle of choice is to engrave the floor plate, trigger guard, butt plate, and grip cap! Call me for more information regarding pricing.

    Floor Plate

    American Scroll engraved floor plate.

  •    Smith & Wesson   

    Smith & Wesson DA Revolver. Approximately 50% American Scroll coverage.

    Smith and Wesson

    Smith & Wesson – 50% American Scroll coverage

  •    Colt SAA   

    Colt Single Action Army engraved between 3/4 & D-Coverage.

    American Scroll.


    Colt Single Action Army

    Colt Single Action army engraved between 3/4 & D-Coverage

    Colt Single Action Army 2

    Colt SAA engraved in American Scroll style between 3/4 & D-Coverage