•    Fundraising Opportunities!   

    If you’re looking for a great item for your fundraisers or raffles, consider a custom one-off engraved gun!

    Call me today for more information.

    Ruger & Blackhawk

    Custom engraved Ruger and Blackhawk

    Bauer .25 Auto

    Custom engraved Bauer .25 Auto

  •    Freedom Arms Magnum   


    Freedom Arms Magnum

    Engraved Freedom Arms 22/22 magnum. American Scroll style

  •    Gun Engraving – Kimber Revolver   

    Gun Engraving - Kimber Revolver

    American Scroll engraved Kimber Revolver.


    Call me for rates and information on gun engraving services available.

  •    Dan Wesson 1911 – Gun Engraving   

    Dan Wesson BBQ Gun

    Gun engraving – Stunning Dan Wesson 1911

    Beautifully engraved Dan Wesson 1911 in the American Scroll style.

    Take your gun to a new level of showmanship. Call me for gun engraving rates and additional details today.



  •    Spring is Here!   

    Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to get your cowboy guns engraved before the shooting season. Have your gun stand out from the rest.

    Contact Michael Gouse today for more information!

  •    Ruger New Vaquero   

    Custom engraved Ruger Vaquero – American Scroll. A little over 50% engraving, non-typical pattern.


    Ruger New Vaquero

    Custom engraved Ruger New Vaquero. Non-typical pattern

    Ruger New Vaquero - Close Up

    Custom engraved Ruger New Vaquero. ~50% engraving with non-typical pattern.

  •    N. American Arms .22 Long Rifle   

    Now for something little!

    N. American Arms .22 Long Rifle.

    .22 mini revolver with American Scroll Engraving

    Close up of American Scroll engraving on .22 mini revolver.

    N. American Arms .22 Long Rifle Mini Revolver

    .22 Mini revolver complete with American Scroll engraving.

  •    Smith and Wesson 1911   

    Something a little different!

    Smith and Wesson 1911 with gold grips and elephants

    Engraved Smith and Wesson 1911

    Close up of engraved elephant on Smith and Wesson 1911.

    Engraved Smith and Wesson 1911 with gold grips.

    Engraved Smith and Wesson 1911 with gold grips and engraved elephants.

  •    PPKS   

    PPKS, a classic German pistol

    Relief Carved PPKS. Oak leaf design. A classic German pistol.

  •    N-Frame Revolver   

    American scroll engraved Smith and Wesson gun

    American Scroll engraved Smith and Wesson N-Frame Revolver.