•    DZ Arms Hepburn Action   

    These photos show a modern interpretation of the Hepburn rifle. These are very popular as both target and hunting rifles. However, today, most of them are used for target work.

    The engraving shows an amount of coverage that would have been typical of either a hunting or target rifle of the 1890s. This style of engraving is known as American Scroll.

    I can do any kind of engraving or scrollwork that you would require!

    This particular engraving would run about $500.

    It should be noted that this gun was in the white (not blued or case-hardened), this can add to the overall cost.

    We do a lot of engraving for both cowboy action shooters and SASS shooters, as well as long range and scheutzen shooters. This allows your guns to not only stand out on the firing line, but also in the rack, and on the loading tables! It makes it easy to identify your firearm from all of the others.

    Engraving adds a great personal touch to the firearm and connects you to a time since-past, when the well-heeled shooter had their guns customized.