•    New Guns!   

    Keep an eye out for new guns for sale coming up soon!

  •    Winchester Model 71   

    Winchester Model 71 with factory style engraving. This is a really nice engraved gun!

  •    Winchester Model 70 Parts   

    Winchester Model 70 parts engraved in American Scroll. Engraving like this would generally run about $500.

    Contact me for more information!

    Winchester Model 70 parts in American Scroll
  •    Henry Rifle   

    Beautifully engraved copy of Abraham Lincoln’s personal Henry Rifle.

    Beautifully engraved gun
    Details on copy of Abraham Lincoln’s personal Henry Rifle
  •    Fundraising? We can Help!   

    Looking for items for your upcoming fundraiser? We can order in and custom engrave firearms for your organization.

    We feature fast turnaround time, competitive pricing, and top-of-the-line quality.

    For more information, contact us directly.

    Example of custom engraved Henry and Super Black Hawk done for a recent fundraiser
  •    Post 64 94 Winchester   

    Full coverage American Scroll on this gun. Full coverage on a 94 receiver will run anywhere between $800 – $1,000. Contact me for more information.

    94 Winchester

    Full coverage on 94 Winchester receiver

    94 Winchester Detail

    Top view of fully engraved 94 Winchester. A truly unique gun!

  •    Engraved Borchardt   

    Borchardt engraved in traditional pattern.


    Engraved Borchardt

  •    Engraved Floor Plates   

    Pair of engraved floor plates featuring elk and deer in American Scroll style.


    Pair of engraved floor plates

  •    Floor Plate – American Scroll   

    An inexpensive way to fancy up your rifle of choice is to engrave the floor plate, trigger guard, butt plate, and grip cap! Call me for more information regarding pricing.

    Floor Plate

    American Scroll engraved floor plate.

  •    Fundraising Opportunities!   

    If you’re looking for a great item for your fundraisers or raffles, consider a custom one-off engraved gun!

    Call me today for more information.

    Ruger & Blackhawk

    Custom engraved Ruger and Blackhawk

    Bauer .25 Auto

    Custom engraved Bauer .25 Auto