•    Colt SA Army & Scout   

    A nice engraved pair of Colt pistols. This Colt SA Army and Colt Scout are engraved in matching styles.

    Close up of the Colt SA Army.

  •    Cimarron 1866 Winchester   

    Engraved in American Scroll with a bison and an elk on either side of the gun. This is a really beautiful gun! This gun isn’t for sale but similar engraving would be approximately $1,000.

  •    Winchester Model 70   

    Beautiful relief carved Model 70 Super Grade. This is a spectacular gun, sure to be a hit at hunting camp!

  •    Hepburn Action   

    Approximately 50% coverage in American Scroll engraving on a DZ Arms Hepburn.

  •    Turkish Hi Power   

    Fully engraved American Scroll Turkish Hi Power. You might say it’s a Turkish Delight!

  •    New Guns!   

    Keep an eye out for new guns for sale coming up soon!

  •    Krieghoff Trap Gun   

    Beautifully engraved Krieghoff trap gun. Make your gun stand out in the rack at the trap club!

  •    Winchester Model 71   

    Winchester Model 71 with factory style engraving. This is a really nice engraved gun!

  •    Colt SAA   

    Approximate 3/4 coverage in American Scroll style engraving. Makes for a typical handgun of the American west!

  •    Colt 1908   

    Beautiful little gun! Fully engraved nickel plated with gold plated trigger.